10:10 is an innovative wellbeing resource to help young people discover how to live differently and find their best life.

10 themes built on spirituality and positive psychology give 11–17 year-olds the opportunity to explore different ideas around happiness and the art of living life well.

Finding Happiness

Session 01 introduces the course and explores the hedonic and eudaimonic approaches to happiness.

Live Now

Session 02 explores the difference that living fully in the present can make to our wellbeing by savouring and slowing down.


Session 03 investigates the difference gratitude and thankfulness can play in improving our wellbeing.


Session 04 considers how kindness can improve our wellbeing and explores different ways we can express kindness through actions, words, and thoughts.


Session 05 looks at forgiveness and unforgiveness, examining how each approach affects people. It explores the impact of resentment and revenge, as well as the benefits forgiveness can have.


Session 06 identifies the importance of relationships and explores the elements that make up healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Session 07 considers how keeping active, being creative, managing our diet, and getting enough sleep can improve our happiness.


Session 08 asks “how can we look after our minds, challenge automatic negative thoughts and understand when to seek help when life is difficult?”


Session 09 explores what it means to have purpose in life and develop a sense of value.

Mixing it

Session 10 explores how we can effectively mix different approaches to happiness into our lives for the maximum benefit.

Ways to run 10:10

Physical materials

The course starter pack features: an in-depth Leader’s Guide to help deliver each session; a USB containing films, powerpoints and worksheets; and the 10:10 Question Card deck

Digital Only

All the course materials are available in a digital-only package. A pdf of the Leader’s Guide and printable question cards are on a USb along with the films, powerpoints and worksheets


“Students have really engaged with and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. They have been a joy to do and are so often the highlight of our week”

Early Help & Safeguarding Team

Gloucestershire Secondary School,
10:10 Trial Location