Session overview
Using the 10:10 course materials

Varied learning styles

Each of the 10 themes are explored through: teaching materials, activities, short films, group discussions and personal experiments.

Easy to adapt

10:10 can be delivered as a course or as stand-alone themes — meaning it can be easily adapted for use in small groups, lessons, assemblies, and lunch-time clubs.

There are a variety of activities within each theme that aim to bring the topic to life.

Each theme opens with a ‘Getting Started’ activity that introduces the topic. Then there is a ‘Mind the Gap’ activity which helps to explore the problem each theme is trying to address. The core activity options give space to explore the theme in greater detail before the 'Benefits' activity helps to discover the difference each theme makes to our wellbeing. Each activity is different and uses a wide range of learning styles.

There are two films for each topic, these support the teaching and provide a memorable link to each idea.

The first film introduces the topic and frames the concept, providing common ground for a discussion. The second film is an interview with a number of experts who give their professional insights. You can read more about our experts here. The films can be used if you are running 10:10 as a course or as stand-alone clips for use in assemblies, as part of a talk, or as discussion starters with the 10:10 Question Cards.

The 10:10 Question Cards are designed to accompany a discussion activity when running 10:10 as a course. However they can be used as a standalone activity in their own right which is ideal for older groups, discussion groups or lunch-time clubs.

There is a set of 16 question cards for each of the 10:10 themes. A great way to use these is to place the question cards in the centre of the group — someone chooses a question at random and poses it to the group who then begin discussing. This approach gives spaces for a wide ranging discussion and allows the exploration of other ideas and opinions. When the group is ready, a different question card is picked up and the discussion continues. There is almost no limit to how long, or how often this pack of cards can be used.

The experiments offer an opportunity put into practice what has been discovered within each theme.

10:10 offers a wide range of experiment ideas to try and participants can even create their own. The experiments allow the young people an opportunity to see whether applying each theme to our lives actually works. It helps to enhance the learning experience and offers practical ways to apply what has been taught.

At various points within 10:10 there are spaces to reflect back and think about what has been covered within each theme.

There are two optional reflection activities within each theme and both can be enhanced to maximise the learning experience. The first reflection activity takes place at the start of each theme and is designed for when 10:10 is run as a course. It looks back at the previous theme, and what has been discovered through any experiments the young people have tried. The second reflection activity focusses on what has been discovered in the current session.