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When we look after our bodies we not only benefit physically, but we can impact our mood and emotions too. So how do we look after our bodies?

  1. Get Active. Being active is good for us and can improve our wellbeing. We don’t have to run a marathon but even a short ten minute walk every day can help. What is important is to reduce the amount of time we are sitting still.
  2. Get the right amount of sleep. We need sleep and a lack of it can have a negative impact on our mood. Children aged 6 to 12 need 9–12 hours sleep and Teenagers aged 13 to 18 need 8–10 hours sleep a night.
  3. Eat healthily. Don’t skip breakfast, get your five a day, eat healthier snacks and stay hydrated.
  4. Get creative. Activities like dance, crafts, music, poetry, singing, drama, painting, drawing, gardening, cooking and film are a good way to use our bodies.

In summary, what we eat, physical exercise, sleep and creativity can help to improve our mood, so find out what works for you. If you are ever worried about your weight, are struggling with food, thinking of going on a diet or finding it hard to sleep it is always a good idea to seek professional advice from your GP.


Looking after our bodies can sometimes be challenging to do. If there are areas you would like to improve in, start small and aim to master one thing at a time. Remember it is still OK to chill out, have the odd late night or lie-in, and eat the food you enjoy — we just need a balance.

    Physical Activity Experiments
  1. Set yourself a new exercise plan so that over the next month you reach 150 minutes of activity a week.
  2. Walk somewhere with a friend.
  3. Try out a new sport or activity.
  4. Do a daily physical workout (start small and build up slowly).
  5. Do some gardening.
  6. Talk to someone if you are worried about your body image.
    Sleep Experiments
  1. Try a week of improving your sleep using the Sleep Journal.
  2. Commit to stop using your phone an hour before bed.
  3. Go to bed early enough every night for one week.
  4. Talk to someone about any issues that you are worried or stressed about.
    Healthy Eating Experiments
  1. Eat a balanced diet (check out
  2. Reduce or cut out sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks for the week.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Make sure you eat breakfast.
  5. Eat together with friends and family.
  6. Talk to an adult you trust or professional if you are worried about your body, your size, weight or if you are struggling to eat food.
    Creative Experiments
  1. Spend some time doing something creative — you could play an instrument, write a song or rap, make something or do some art.
  2. Visit a museum.
  3. Learn to sing using a vocal coach video.
  4. Learn to dance using a dance video.