Mixing It

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As we have discovered throughout 10:10, happiness is a topic pursued by people all over the world. We may often seek happiness through the Hedonic approach, in a having possessions, money to spend and accessing enjoyable experiences. However this approach alone will often leave us less happy in the long run. Another way to seek happiness is the Eudaimonic approach, this includes living in the moment, being thankful, kind and forgiving. It is demonstrated in the love of friends and family surrounding us, as well as seeking help from others in tough times. It is released through being active, eating well, sleeping well and being creative, through challenging our negative thoughts and perspective. It can be experienced in things bigger than us, in spirituality, meaning, purpose and faith in God.

Mixing It is about blending these too approaches together, trying new thing and hopefully when we do we will experience a happier, more purposeful life.


Practising the skills to mix life up can take time to master and get used to. One of the ways we can develop this skill and discover the difference it makes is to take time to apply it to our lives during the coming weeks. The more we make time to mix things up & in, the more we should see an improvement in our happiness.

  1. Use what you wrote or discussed during the ‘Mixing It Up’ and ‘Mixing It In’ activities as inspiration for what you could put into practice over the coming weeks.
  2. Create a list of some things that you could do less often, or commit to one thing.
  3. Think of one thing that you are going to try to avoid.
  4. Create your own bucket list of different 10:10 ideas to try over the next year.
  5. Create a planner and choose one 10:10 topic a month (for 10 months) to practise.