Finding Happiness

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Most people want to be happy. Whilst it is impossible to be happy all of the time, it doesn’t stop us wanting to find out “how can I be happy some or most of the time?” Fortunately our level of happiness isn't set in stone. This means that what we do with our lives and the choices we make can really impact our happiness.

There are two different approaches to finding happiness — Hedonic and Eudaimonic. The Hedonic approach focuses on pleasure and enjoyment. This could include the pursuit of wealth, possessions and enjoyable experiences. Often we think that if we had more of these things we would be happier, but studies have shown that just filling our lives with pleasurable things does little to make us happy in the long run. The benefit we get often wears off.

The Eudaimonic approach is sometimes known as the good life where you develop your life to it’s full potential. It is more about how you live rather than what you have. It can include being more thankful and kind. It shaped by healthy relationships and looking after bodies. It is well known that these things have a longer lasting benefit.